springfield church of christ


The fiscal sponsor agrees to assume financial stewardship for an impeccable accountability. 

FEED THE MIND Project Team

ADMINISTER: IMPLEMENT & OPERATE, made up of 100% volunteers

Nathan Zed - Founder, Chair, Internet Personality

Pastor Joshua Ray - Financial Trustee, Springfield Church of Christ

Professor Berhanu Mengistu - Advisor

Elder Jim Ray - Advisor, Calvary Christian Church

Pastor Abera Tessema - Advisor, Ammanuel Ethiopian Evangelical Church

Dr. Zelalem Eshete - Lead Facilitator

Salem Zelalem - Assistant Lead Facilitator

Brooke Ray - Public Relation Facilitator

Ephrem Feleke - Logistics Facilitator

Sami Fekadu - Database Facilitator

Mengesha Tessema - Volunteers Facilitator

Elsa Negash - Assistant Facilitator


Negesse Manyahelehal - Ethiopia Facilitator

Dr. T. - Designated Ethiopian Sponsor Representative, (work in progress) 

P. G.- Designated University Beneficiary for Project 1, DBU Facilitator (work in progress)

Negash Balcha - Designated Schools Beneficiary for Project 1, Wogeram Facilitator

Wogeram only has schools up to grade 10. But this project creates an opportunity for the inspiration of Wogeram to be a blessing to other educational institutions that are in dire need. 

Beneficiary universities

Project 1: Proposed DBU

beneficiary schools

Project 1: Wogeram Area Elementary and High Schools